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There are many, many entities working in Haiti. Often we are stronger together than alone. How can working collaboratively improve the success of our efforts?  Kansas City’s 8th Annual Haitian Symposium, "Haitian Perspective of NGOs ", is an opportunity to hear from Haitians who have served alongside NGOs in Haiti.  Hear about their successes, lessons learned, and connect with others working in Haiti.


Normally held at Polsinelli Conference Room, 900 W. 48th Pl. • Kansas City, MO 64112, individuals and groups working in Haiti or concerned about Haiti gather to learn, connect and find potential collaboration opportunities with each other.  It’s the best place in town to find out what works and what doesn’t in this developing country.  September 12, 2020, the symposium will be virtual viz Zoom. Looking forward to seeing you then.


If any questions, go to the contact page.


History of KC Haiti Symposium

Janice Taylor had been on multiple mission trips to Haiti from 2004 to current. When my friends found out my daughters were in the 2010 Haiti earthquake (they were safe), they would ask me if I knew this organization, this person also worked/served in Haiti. I started wondering why we were not all connected. We should share our successes and our mistakes so we learn from them. We should partner with each other where it makes sense instead of replicating. There needed to be a place for this networking and education. Thus came about the first KC Haiti Symposium in 2013; Practical Solutions to Operating in Haiti. A small group of friends on the GHS board (Ann Harbin, Kathleen McCarther, and Natthalie LePichon) helped organize the first symposium. Along with these three great partners and others who have joined to help in the years since, we are now on our 8th year. We’ve had attendees from Oklahoma, St. Louis, Topeka, etc. You can see a history of events on our facebook page (....). We’ll also have some presentations from the past loaded in the website’s Media page. If you want to help with future symposiums, contact Janice at

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